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released November 17, 2015

Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Jesse Winchester
at Generous Electric Studio, Schenectady NY.

All Songs Written and performed by Joe Mansman, Alex Mansman, Chris Becker, Tory Pelosi, and Rich French

2015 Music To Drown To // All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band Glens Falls, New York

Outlaw Rock and Roll.

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Track Name: Dead As It Gets
I've been told i'm living on a Fix.
A Dead Man marked as dead as it gets.
Those Twilight Girls been' singin' my songs
to the Coyotes outside eating my flesh.
I play a lone hand and take what i can get.
My wager is Blood, Vice, and Cigarettes.
The end of this Gallows where i find rest.
At the end of this Iron's where i make my bed.

I said it once and i'll say it again, Darling i'm dead and as dead as it gets.

I've been told to keep it in line.
I'll take what's yours and kill what's mine.
Lord God knows i lament my ways,
but i don't think he remembers my name

I've been told i'm sure as a Gun.
A restless man, a graceless son.
By all good right's no easy sight,
been' a Nicotine Hellraiser all of my life

Never did get it right.
Track Name: Hell Or High Water
Got a prayer in my left hand and murder in the right,
tonight's the night it's gonna end in a fight.
This bucket o' blood's gonna burn the breeze,
you're gonna bite the ground or buckle at the knees.
Got blood in my left hand and pity in the right,
can't run when the water's hell or high.
The lines are drawn and the money's right,

high noon's tickin' it's a devil's night.

You're gonna get buried, gonna get buried alive boy.
You're gonna get burned, gonna get put down tonight.
No one's gonna worry, no one's gonna get come looking for you.
We're gonna dig you a grave in this cold town tonight.

Got a priest on my left side, the law on the right.
Today's the day they're gonna hang me high,
till' my boys came rolling in, hell on their side, singin'

"Brother today ain't your day to die!"

Got God on my left side, the Devil on the right.
Today's the day they're gonna judge me right.
My life on the scale tipped hard to the right, he said
"You're gonna get burned, gonna get put down down tonight."
Track Name: Long Rope
Seen the sun beat down on a lot of good folks,
seen the rain yield crops for the greedy and the no good,
seen beggars dwelling where the rich men sit,
seen a thief gun down for feeding his kids,
seen men give the Devil they're souls for Gold,
seen good folks eaten by the worms and crows,
fools dancing on their graves, they boast,
"What a pity for the cost of the life you sold."

Been hangin' in the wind on a long, long rope
locking eyes with a crowd full of hearts so cold.
Oh Lord give a sinner this one last hope,
have mercy on a bad man's soul.

Seen a widow run away with her lover's foe
and left the son to bury his old man's bones.
Seen a man slave away for a low paid wage
while a rich dines with a smile n his face.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me (Hallelujah)
I once was lost but now am found
was blind but now i see.
Track Name: Live Free Or Die
In all my born days i've been living by the skin of my teeth,
kickin' up a row in a dead man's town on the prod,
but don't mind me.
A no good truant, a Sam Hill makin' a scene,
with the likes of a few bad seeds soaked up,
Oh Darlin' don't mind me.

Can i get a witness please? I ain't on my knees,
im sayin' Live Free or Die with me.

Saw a murder of crows on a lonely plain
feeding on the scraps of a dead man's game.
I've been through the river and i've seen the grace
but there ain't no kinda' mercy for this man's ways.
They'll say i raised and stirred a slue
in the pages of my days,
and never left a trail to find my lawless bones when i gave way.

Ain't no grace for this man's ways.
Ain't no forgiveness in my days.
Ain't no love and ain't no glory.
Ain't no redemption in my days.
Track Name: Too Far Gone
You can't outrun your sins by walkin' straight.
For the better half of who i am i've been the widowmaker's face.
A ten-cent man, a gallows friend,
with blood on my breath and on the wind oh
you can't outlive your name by playin' safe.
Ain't no matter how sewn up
when you're lying on the bed you made.
So raise the wood and drive the nails,
i save no mercy for myself tonight.

I'm too far gone, and far too young to be undone.
As these bullets pierce my flesh they take me
home where i belong, as these bullets pierce
my flesh they take me home where i belong.

Tied up, blinded eyes, they lead me to the graze.
Cold hands force me down to speak
last few words to a nameless grave.
My guilt weighs but i ain't shamed
cause apathy's my double-speak tonight.

I cheated the devil on a midnight dun
i was a dead man sooner than the setting sun.
I put to death a million sons unsung in a winter grave.
The preacher said i'm a sinner born and he'll mend
my wrongs if i mean my word,
the lives i've torn and the blood i've born would be
forgotten in a Well of Grace.
"Bless that Gospel," i replied, "but there ain't no saving
me from my sins tonight, no, not this time."